Is there a sixth sense? what do you think?
I certainly think so, I mean think about it. You know when you get the feeling someone’s starring at you and more often then not you’re right. How can you know that?
Another good example is if you’re driving a car, and all of a sudden you just feel you should slow down and stop before a crossing. Once you’ve stopped a truck speeds past you and you realize you’d be dead if you hadn’t stopped.  But why did you stop?

A scientist has made an experiment that works like this:
Two rooms are completely isolated, so well in fact that anything inside the rooms aren’t even affected by the earths magnetic field.  One person is put in each room and then equipped with a helmet, this helmet creates a magnetic field. Both rooms are pitch black.
All of a sudden in one of the rooms a light starts flashing, of course this persons brain activity goes up. The remarkable thing though, is that the person in the other room without a flashing light, this persons brain activity also goes up at the exact same time.
This means that two people who share a magnetic field can experience the same event even if they aren’t even in the same room

Isn’t this really interesting? There’s a myth that says we only use 10% of our brains, that’s not true. However it is a fact that there still are parts of the brain scientists can’t quite explain and parts they haven’t even gone yet. I truly believe that we have a sixth sense, the question is what that sixth sense really is and what it’s capable of.

In the film “Sixth sense” a boy can see ghost. I don’t believe in ghosts at least not like in that film.
I’m very scientific and I usually prefer hard facts before speculation.
Energy can never be destroyed. Our bodies have energy. When we die that energy can’t just disappear. So where does it go? Since it can’t disappear it has to be around one way or another, so those people who experience that they can feel their loved once after death…maybe they can?

This is a jungle for me…it’s really hard to wrap my head around, kind of gives me a headache:P but at the same time I really like discussing it, it interesting cause no one knows the answers.
Imagine in 1000 years from now (assuming we’re still around). Who knows what we’ll be capable of then?