There’s been a motion to the government that we increase our usage of organic and fair trade goods from 10% to 25%.
Calculations show that it would cost 10 million. But the government says no. Why? Because they want to give that money to health care instead.

To me this sounds great cause everyone knows that health care could definitely use 10 million, and i think it’s safe to say, that goes for every country in the world.
But at the same time I can’t help thinking  “oh, so now that’s proper”

For some reason it seems to me that health care, i dare say, one of the most important things, always lack money and funds to do what’s necessary. Yet, we can afford things like, expensive sculptures and bonuses for every high ranking worker every year.
Isn’t that just a little bit off?

There has been studies on what makes us happy, and they show more money don’t actually make us happier.
So when it comes to wages, we can apparently afford to pay one single person millions every year, whilst nurses work themselves half to death, earning just enough to get buy.

I’ve presented this thought to people before and they say it doesn’t work like that you can’t take money from anywhere to use for anything. But you know what? it is actually that simple…If a company would pay half as much in wages, they could use the other half to do something good. It’s us humans that don’t work that way.

I’m not complaining that health care is getting money, on the contrary i think that’s brilliant and well overdue. I’m complaining that that money is coming from something else well needed which is an investment in better food and goods to improve general public health.
Before i mentioned expensive sculptures. We’re investing millions into culture which I’m not saying is bad. Culture is important, I just think that maybe the expensive sculptures could wait until we’ve sorted out the more urgent stuff like health care, education and senior health care